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The Good Journal #4

Julia, Thursday, August 10, 2023

Sometimes, life hands you lemons. But here at Good Cloud, we took those lemons, squeezed them, and turned them into a ray of sunshine.

Following an intense game of rock-paper-scissors and some heated debates over coffee (or maybe it was the other way around?), we've unveiled a crisp, fresh redesign for our hosted Good Cloud environments. Brace yourselves - new upgrades are blowing in with the wind.

A few years ago, our fashion-forward (or so we thought) decision led us to cloak our interface in a sunny yellow. The idea was as brilliant as the shade itself. But, as with many fads from yesteryears, we soon realised that working with yellow wasn't as sunshine and rainbows as it first appeared. Merge it with certain whites, and poof! Some UI elements just went into stealth mode.

Now, about that cloud photo we initially had as a backdrop – it was beautiful but had the heft of a sumo wrestler. It began slowing down our login page's loading time. And while patience is a virtue, waiting for a page to load in 2023? Not so much.

A shift to a lightweight vector image seemed promising. But when our login screen made a cameo on a TV during a presentation, let's just say we wanted to change the channel. Sure, the TV had the calibration accuracy of a broken compass, but it spurred us to put on our thinking caps.

Introducing, our new backdrop!