Your privacy is important

Store, sync and share your data
while ensuring your privacy.

We guarantee the privacy
of your data

Your data is yours, not ours.

We strongly believe this and that is why we offer safe and secure cloud storage. The entire setup of our service is designed to secure your data. We use our own hardware hosted in the Netherlands, a secure data center (XS4ALL) and Open Source software.

All your files in one
secure location

Photos, movies, music, text files; All of your digital content and possessions can be stored in The Good Cloud. Using our service you can easily and securely sync and share your files.

Conveniently access all your files from your desktop, web-browser or mobile device.

Fair and flexible

We do not and will not share, sell or analyze your data. We will store your files safely and securely without any hidden motive.

Storage up to 2GB is free of charge. More storage is available through one of our paid subscriptions.

Your paid subscription can be upgraded or downgraded easily, we are flexible.

We are proud partners of Nextcloud GmbH
Together we can support and assist you in using our service to it's full potential.