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Availability and maintenance 2023

Frank, Thursday, November 24, 2022


We perform various changes and updates throughout the year. Some might have brief impact on the availability of our services. The new schedule for the remaining Q4 2022 and full year 2023 is available here:


Support by the Good Cloud

Frank, Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Being a small company forces us to choose wisely where to put our effort. It also implies that we’re unable to give 24/7 support for individuals unlike we do, on request, for business subscriptions. As hosting is our core business, it’s obvious that maintaining our Network and Customers environments are vital and take up most of our resources. However, we do not want to sell subscriptions and leave you without service. Therefore we’ve chosen to adjust the type of support to the sort of customer you are.



Customer type

Support type


Phone and email (and initial implementation support)







What does this mean in real life? First of all it is important to narrow-down what we consider covered by support. For us the basic support definition goes by, issues you run into while working in our hosted cloud environments. Meaning, issues concerning specific functionality that normally works fine. These, and basic functional questions can be submitted to our support.

Even though we do think it’s fair to give no support to free users, we will try to help you within a reasonable time or at least point you in a helpful direction. However, the effort and time spent will have no priority. Free users that need help to get started we highly recommend joining Nextcloud' s very friendly and supportive Community


Opening hours

You can reach our support on working days between 9:00h and 17:00h CET. In weekends and on holidays, we do not offer standby service, although we do monitor and provide breakdown service on a best effort basis.


Response time

Depending on the type of subscription, we’ve determined a maximum response time:


Customer type

Subscription type

Response time



Max. 1-2 working days



Max. 1-2 working days



Max. 1 working day



Max. 8 hours (or less on request)



Max. 3 working days



not applicable



Please provide as much information as possible, as which user and when you experienced the issue (makes it easier to look for errors on our systems) with your service request. If possible do attach screen-prints of errors to your request.

Email support:



Communication in case of failures

In case of malfunction you can check our uptime monitoring page This is also the main channel used for communication regarding malfunction. Check the "Announcements" on the monitoring page for updates and/or maintenance notifications, or subscribe using your email-address for receiving updates. How to do so, see our article.


Availability and maintenance 2022

Frank, Friday, October 22, 2021