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Availability and maintenance 2022

Frank, Friday, October 22, 2021

We perform various changes and updates throughout the year and some might have some brief impact on the availability of our services. The new schedule for Q4 2021 and full year 2022 is available here:

Free account vs paid subscription. What are the differences?

Frank Geuyen, Wednesday, September 1, 2021

As we were asked by the Nextcloud company to be one of the partners in offering free hosted Nextcloud, it took some discussion as this is opposed to the initial idea of having a clear and open business model. We wanted to be transparent about how we earn our money: You pay us, we offer you a service for it. We focus on privacy and on operating as a full-service provider. We maintain, support and update your service, that’s what you pay for.


Free hosting is offered by a lot of companies to earn money by scanning through your content for customized advertising. By offering a free hosting service, we would give up this clear and open business model. At the end we decided to offer a free hosting anyway to offer a privacy friendly free hosting service. We see it as our way of giving something back to the world, as well as a trial version for potential consumer or business users.